Advanced MXP-532 General Routing Interface (MXP-532)


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    Advanced MXP-532 General Routing Interface

    The MXP-532 general routing interface card is an optional module to provide monitored circuits to either fire/fault routing equipment or fire protection equipment for compliance with BS EN54-2: 1998 Clauses 7.9 and 8.9 and BS5839-1:2002.

    Applications / Limitations

    EN54-2 compliant routing interfaces providing monitored outputs to the fire alarm and routing circuits. Circuits are monitored for open and short circuit conditions in both normal and active mode - compliant with EN54-2 and BS5839-1: 2002 Clause 12.2.1a.

    The outputs will drive relay coils with impedances of between 1kΩ and 5kΩ.


    • Two fire routing outputs are provided to differentiate between Call Point (MCP) and Automatic Detector (AFD) fire alarm signals if required.
    • Outputs are monitored for open and short circuit wiring issues in both the quiescent and active states, and fault conditions reported on the panel (CIE) display/LED Indicators.
    • Outputs are compatible with a wide range of routing equipment.
    • Simple to install and configure.
    • Monitored outputs.
    • Wide range compatibility.

    Technical Specifications

    • Output Circuit Specification : 24V DC active, 5V DC monitor
    • Fire & Fault Outputs : 1.0mA monitor mode nominal, 5.0mA-25.0mA active (energised) mode dependent upon coil impendence, 40.0mA maximum short circuit
    • Input Circuit Specification :  4x Monitored Input - EOL 10KΩ, operating resistor 470Ω
    • Operating Voltage : 24V DC [Range 19-28V] from panel auxiliary Supply Output.
    • Panel Loading :
      • Standby, AC Mains Fail (Fault Output Off) : 43mA
      • Quiescent State (Fault Output On) : 45mA +24mA (1KΩ coil), +5mA (5KΩ coil)
      • All Inputs And Outputs Active : 48mA +72mA (1KΩ coils), +15mA (5kΩ coils)
    • On-board Iindications : 6 x LED indicators for outputs active, communications and microprocessor heartbeat
    • Operating Temperature : 0°C to 50°C
    • Approvals : BS EN54-2: 1998


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