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Fike CIE-A-200 or CIE-A-400 Repeater Panel


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    Fike CIE-A-200 or CIE-A-400 Repeater Panel

    The 520-0010/540-0010 is a repeater panel for use with the CIE-A-200 single loop or CIE-A-400 2 loop addressable panel.


    • Fully functional repeater panel for CIE-A-200 panel.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many 520-0010/540-0010 repeater panels can be connected to the main panel?

    Up to 8 repeaters can be used but they must all be within the maximum 500 metres cable length and are wired + to +, - to -, the screen must be connected to the control panel at one end only using the terminals provided. Terminate the unused end in a connector block as shown below and so on up to the maximum of 8 repeaters.

    How far can the 520-0010/540-0010 repeater panel be connected from the main panel?

    The maximum total cable length from the control panel to a repeater is 500 metres.

    What cable is required between the 520-0010/540-0010 repeater and main panel?

    Communications between the panel and repeater is via a multi-drop RS-485 Peripheral Bus.

    2-core 1.5mm2 screened fire resistant cable (i.e. FP200, Firetuff, Firecell) cable should be used for communications to the repeater.


    • Dimensions Panel (WxHxD) : 353mm x 333mm x 117mm
    • Operating Temperature : +5°C to +40°C
    • IP Rating : IP30
    • Mains Supply Input : 230V AC Nominal
    • Standby Battery Requirement : 2 x 7Ah 12V Sealed Lead Acid (2 x 12 Ah with extended battery box)
    • Standby : 24V DC
    • LCD Display : LCD Graphical Display
    • Event Log : 1000 Events


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