Kentec Addressable Matrix Mimic Panel For Syncro AS or Taktis


Kentec Addressable Matrix Mimic Panel For Syncro AS or Taktis


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    Kentec Addressble Matrix Mimic Panel For Syncro AS or Taktis

    The Addressable Matrix system uses flexible, fibre optic light guides to illuminate areas on a floor plan, laid over a high-resolution grid.

    This unique system dispenses completely with wiring and enables indicators to be moved, removed or added on site without the need for any wiring.

    Ideal for buildings such as hospitals where the building layout may evolve over a period. As the building changes, so too can the Addressable Matrix, with very little cost or disruption.

    The Addressable Matrix can be supplied with or without common LEDs and controls. Optional LEDs indicate Power On, Fire, Fault and Disablement and optional controls are for Alarm Silence, Buzzer Silence, Lamp test and Reset.

    It provides a clear, geographical indication of fire alarm or other system activation enabling speedy identification of the source of an alarm or other events.


    • Up to 504 LED’s can be controlled from any Taktis Fire or Syncro AS panel.
    • Full colour printing.
    • Available in a range of standard enclosures to suit any applications.
    • Bespoke sized units can be made upon request.
    • Choice of Red, Green or Yellow LED’s.
    • Available with or without controls.
    • The Addressable Matrix can easily be upgraded on site with minimal cost and effort.
    • EN54-4 approved PSU (optional).
    • Configured via standard Loop Explorer Software.


    • Construction : 1.2mm mild sheet steel
    • IP Rating : IP30
    • Finish : Epoxy powder coated
    • Colour :
      • Lid & Box : BS 00 A 05 grey - fine texture
      • Controls Plate & Labels : Ral 7047 light grey - satin
    • Weight :10kg (M2 panel)
    • Mimic : 3mm Clear Anti-Glare Acrylic
    • Number Of Indicators (Standard Models) :
      • M2 Size : up to 24
      • M3 and S3 size : up to 56
      • S4 Size : up to 88
    • Mains Supply (230V Versions Only)
    • Mains Supply Fuse (230V Versions Only) : 230V AC +10% - 15% (100 Watts max.)
    • Power Supply Rating (230V Versions Only) : T2A L250V Replace only with similar type
    • Max. Ripple Current (230V Versions Only) : 5.25 Amps total including battery charge 28V +/ 2V
    • Battery Type (Yuasa NP) (230V Versions Only)
      • 200 millivolts
      • Two 12 Volt sealed lead acid (7Ah maximum)
    • Battery Charge Voltage (230V Versions Only) : 27.6VDC nominal (temperature compensated)
    • Battery Charge Current (230V Versions Only) : 1.5A maximum
    • Max. Current Draw From Batteries (230V Versions Only) : 3 Amps. With mains power source disconnected
    • Quiescent Current : See above
    • Supply Voltage (24V Versions) : 21 to 30V DC
    • Supply Current : See above
    • Terminal Capacity :  0.5mm2 to 2.5mm2 solid or stranded wire
    • Enable Keyswitch (If Fitted) : Standard 901 key
    • Cabinet Locks :
      • M2/M3 : standard 801 key
      • S3/S4 : standard KT3001 key
    • Communications Interface : RS485 – Syncro/Syncro AS serial I/O bus protocol
    • Maximum Distance From Control Panel : 1.2Km using RS485 data cable
    • Operating Temperature : -5°C to +50°C


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