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    Zeta Battery Operated Smoke Detectors: The new range of standalone detectors offer interconnection facility of up to 38 smoke & heat detectors.

    The ZT-ST5 & ZT-ST5/10 stand-alone photoelectric residential smoke alarms are NF approved and can be calibrated to either UL, BSI or VdS requirements.

    They feature VdS and UL-approved photoelectric sensing components with precise smoke detection and long life operation (1 year life with a 9V common alkaline battery) or (10 years with 9V Li battery). A proved quality with 10 million pieces installed over the world. Russian standard model available too. The ZT-TH5 stand-alone heat detector was designed with precise microprocessor control integrating both Rate-ofRise and Fixed Temperature heat detection. It’s perfectly suitable for installation in all environments especially the kitchen, garage, factory etc. The ZT-TH5 meets EN 54-5 standards.


    • Photoelectic sensing technology (ZT-ST5 & ZTST5/10)
    • Electronic thermistor sensing technology (ZT-TH5)
    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Sealed Battery case of the back available (with 10- year Li Battery model)
    • SMD circuit board design - quality and reliability guaranteed
    • Low-battery warning
    • Test button verifies battery and alarm operation
    • Loud alarm signal of exceeding 85 dB in alarm mode
    • Five-year limited warranty
    • HUSH button, to stop the alarm from sounding
    • 10-year Long-life lithium battery (ZT-ST5/10 only)
    • The power supply will be cut out automatically when removing the detector from the base


    • Smoke Sensitivity : (2.31 ± 1.37)% / ft Obscuration (UL standard) 0.010 dB/m to 0.160 dB/m (VdS EN 14604)
    • Power supply (ZT-ST5 ZT-ST5/10 ZT-TH5) : 9V battery; 9V Lithium Battery; 9V Battery
    • Battery Life (ZT-ST5 ZT-ST5/10 ZT-TH5) : 1 Year; 10 Yeats; 1 Year
    • Low battery life :Up to 30 days warning signal
    • Alarm indicator (ZT-ST5; ZT-ST5/10; ZT-TH5) : Continuously emitting red light; Red LED Flashing
    • Alarm sound level (ZT-ST5; ZT-ST5/10; ZT-TH5) : 85dB at 3m; Exceeding 85dB at 3m
    • Operating Temp : 0°C to 50°C
    • Humidity :10% to 95%RH, no condensation or icing
    • Interconnection : Up to 38 units


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