Dycon 4 or 8-Way Glass-Fused Power Supply Output Splitters


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    Dycon 4 or 8-Way Glass-Fused Power Supply Output Splitters

    These two useful splitters are protected by individual glass fuses, which are included with each unit. They feature individual, surface-mount red LEDs showing whenever a particular fuse has blown. The fuse values can be changed to suit the load required at each point up to a maximum not exceeding the rated power output of the entire power supply. Outputs can also be wired together to create a higher rated output provided the fuse is uprated to match, for instance 2 x outputs could be linked together provide a 2A single output, providing a 2A fuse is fitted to both outputs.


    • 4 or 8 way power supply output splitter.
    • Each output individually protected by glass fuse.


    • Voltage Input : 12VDC to 27.6VDC
    • Output Fuses (Supplied)
      • D15X4-BNC : 4 x 500mA
      • D15X8-500MA : 8 x 500mA
      • D15X8-1A : 8 x 1A
    • Fuse Type : Glass 5 x 20mm
    • Operating Temperature Range : -25 ÌŠC to +65 ÌŠC
    • Humidity : 95% non-condensing
    • PCB Size (HxWxD) :
      • D15X4-BNC : 128x71x15mm
      • D15X8-500MA : 108x49x15mm
      • D15X8-1A : 108x49x15mm


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