Haes Excel-EN Network Card (TPCA05)


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    Haes Excel-EN Network Card

    The Haes comms card (TPCA05) allows up to eight Esento 8 – 32 zone control panels to be networked. Any combination of panel can be used from an 8 zone to a 32 zone and in any order to provide up to 256 conventional zones. The card simply plugs in on top of the main circuit board in the control panel.

    In addition to the eight control panels up to eight repeater panels or remote display units can also be added to the network. The remote display units are supplied with a 4 x 40 character backlit LCD and will display all system fires and faults as well as controlling Silence & Reset and other functions for the entire network, see ESENTO REMOTE DISPLAY UNIT page.

    The networking has been designed to be wired in a fault tolerant (fail safe) loop configuration, from comms A to B and back to the main panel again. If replacing an older system where the existing cabling cannot be configured in a loop as above, it is possible to re-programme the master panel back to legacy RS485 circuit comms monitoring. This then allows any topology of comms cabling to be utilised.

    The cards are also provided with six programmable switch negative outputs which can be utilised for any local switching requirements.

    Key Features

    • Network up to 8 control panels
    • Add up to 8 repeater panels to the network
    • Card also includes 6 programmable switch -ve outputs
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