Temporary Fire Alarms

Temporary Fire Alarms

Temporary fire alarms offer an ideal solution where a fire alarm system is required for a short period of time. Typical scenarios include construction sites, temporary buildings such as demountables and marquees.

We supply two versions of this temporary alarm, one which uses a push button and the other a call point to signal an alarm. It is also possible to interconnect up to 5 of these alarms which will all simultaneously sound & strobe when one is triggered.

Fire Alarms, Temporary Fire Alarms - Push Button Temporary Alarm (Round)

Push Button Temporary Alarm (Round) PBTA-200

Manufacturer: Zeta Fire Alarm Systems

  • Standalone or Interconnected fire alarm system
  • 85dB @ 3m & flashing strobe alarm
  • Interconnect up to 32 units in series
  • Included 8 x AA Energizer Batteries
  • Model number: PBTA-200
  • Price: £77.94
  • (Exc. VAT: £64.95)
  • In Stock

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