Fire Alarm Power Supplies

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Dycon DX24 24V Switched Mode Power Supplied with Optional Battery Charging

  • 24V DC switched-mode power supply.
  • 1, 2 or 3 amp models available.
  • Choice of 3 enclosure sizes.
  • Optional batery charging.

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ADP324-FR 24V DC Power Supply Unit ADP324-FR

  • 24V DC 1A nominal output.
  • Attractive, tough steel housing.
  • Easily visible, green LED to indicate mains/operational status.
  • Tough, powder coated, 1.5 mm steel construction, painted white (RAL9003).
  • CE marked.
  • Opto-Relay output for remote signaling of faults.
  • Anti-surge protection.
  • When used for powering for fire system magnetic door retainers each requiring 24V DC 50mA, a single D2401-AA can drive 16 units or 8 x double doors.
  • Ample provision for cabling.
  • Fitted with 12mm, 16mm & 20mm knockouts, plus a 25 x 12mm trunking knockout.
  • Hinged/pivoted lid, secured by a single screw for faster fitting and servicing
  • Rounded corners to avoid dust traps and dirt build-ups.
  • Can be fitted horizontally or vertically.

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24V 250mA Door Release Power Supply Unit with option Detector Circuit

  • A compact Mains derived power supply unit designed to provide power to 24V DC electromagnetic door retainers.
  • Optional conventional fire detector circuit which supports two x ActiV fire detectors to form a cost-effective 'stand-alone' automatic door release system.
  • Maximum output 250mA.
  • Trigger Release, Hold Off and Local Trigger Inputs facilitate straightforward connection to fire alarm control panels, building management systems, timers, relays and other ancillary equipment.
  • Includes a manual release button, a Mains On and an Output Triggered indicator.
  • Can be mounted on a standard 25mm UK double gang flush or surface back box.

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IP65 Weatherproof 24V Power Supply

  • IP65 rated PSU suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Optional battery charging.
  • Options fault outputs.

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TRX Transformer Rectifier Power Supply

  • High efficiency switched mode power supply (not suitable for charging batteries).
  • 0.7, 1.0 or 2.5A  continuous load rated.
  • Regulated 24v dc supply output.

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Vimpex 24V AB Series Monitored Power Supply

  • 27.6 V dc output.
  • Cost effective switch mode technology.
  • Energy efficient - reducing energy bills.
  • Mains and battery monitoring.
  • Volt-free fault outputs.

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Dycon EN54-4 Certified 24VDC 1.5A, 3A or 5A Power Supply

  • Microprocessor controlled operation and protection.
  • On-demand battery charging and load output current sharing.
  • Battery impedance monitoring.
  • Automatic output reconnection after short circuit fault.
  • No user-serviceable fuses, outputs protected by electronic E-fuses.

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C-Tec BF560-24 24V 1.5A EN54-4 Switch Mode PSU in Plastic Enclosure BF560-24

  • 24V 1.5A EN54-4 Switch Mode PSU.
  • Plastic enclosure.
  • Certified to EN54-4/A2 by the LPCB and VdS (AFNOR pending).
  • Includes a single-pole voltfree changeover relay that switches for any fault condition.
  • Multiple indicators - supply present, general fault, fault type & aux. equipment fault.
  • Two selectable battery charge currents.

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C-Tec BF562 24V EN54-4 Switch Mode PSU in Metal Enclosure

  • Certified to EN54-4/A2 by the LPCB and VdS.
  • A powerful switch mode/digital hybrid PSU that can be customised* to suit your exact requirements - see More Information tab for details.
  • Plastic cover on PSU PCB guards against touching live parts.
  • Includes a single-pole voltfree changeover relay that switches for any fault condition.
  • Multiple indicators - supply present, general fault, fault type & aux. equipment fault.
  • Two selectable battery charge currents.
  • Battery fault impedance limits can be optimised to suit load current (helps extend battery life)*.
  • Mains fail simulation mode.
  • Improved on-board temperature sensor with optional remote sensor.
  • Electronic functions comply with EN50131-6 grades 1-4 for security applications.
  • BF562-1/E Encased PCBversion available.

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Advanced 1.5A, 3A or 5A Boxed Power Supply With Battery Charging

  • Approved EN54-4.
  • Power and fault indication.
  • 3 Year Warranty.

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Premier Power Pack EN-54 Certified 2 or 5 Amp 24V Power Supply with LCD Screen

  • EN54 Certified 24V power supply
  • Available in 2 or 5 Amp versions
  • LCD screen showing several power supply parameters (including output voltage and output current)

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