Baldwin Boxall Omnicare EVC System

Price £985 - £985

Omnicare is a well-established system which includes disabled refuge, fire telephones, steward telephones and toilet alarm options. Omnicare is a LOOP wired system (for our radial wired option please refer to our Care2 system).

The Omnicare system was the first of its kind when introduced as a combined EVC system. Since then it has been installed worldwide and has become the system of choice for many. The system includes a three-part toilet alarm kit option which, like all of the remote units, is powered from the line (no local power is required).

Omnicare Control Panel

  • Loop wiring.
  • One loop for multiple styles of remote unit.
  • Combined outstation available featuring a disabled refuge and fire telephone in one housing.
  • Full networking and multi-panel facilities.
  • All outstations powered from the line, including toilet alarms.
  • Advance disabled refuge remote option.
  • Robust, reliable and well established system.

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