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Fire Alarm Bells

Price £15 - £81

We offer a number of motorised fire bells, two 6" and two 8". The 6" fire bell is available in both DC and AC versions whilst there is a standard and weatherproof version of the 8".

ClamBell EN54-3 Approved Fire Alarm Bell

  • Permanently fitted gong.
  • Specifically designed weatherproof back box.
  • Slick and modern looking.
  • Fully customised pad printed branding.
  • Strobell EN-23 VAD option which integrates ClamBell and VAD for unique combined unit will be available soon.

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  • £18.73
  • (Exc. VAT: £15.61)
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Fire Alarms, Sounders, Flashers & Bells, Fire Alarm Bells - Rotary Fire Alarm Bell

Rotary Fire Alarm Bell MR20630

Walker Fire

  • £35.63
  • (Exc. VAT: £29.69)

Rotary Fire Alarm Bell MR20630

Rotary Fire Alarm Bell

With a tried and tested robust design, this hand operated fire bell is suitable for use in hazardous locations or areas without a power supply. The bell has a pre-drilled flange for easy fitting, an aluminium base plate and red dome.

  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • Sound output: 60dB at up to 35m
  • Quick and simple to install

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  • £35.63
  • (Exc. VAT: £29.69)
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StroBell Combined Fire Alarm Bell With White LED Beacon SBE6-RS-024-EN-RW

  • Utilises market-leading bell design
  • Ultra bright strobe in clear lens for maximum light output
  • Familiar installation method
  • Low current consumption
  • Single point of installation minimises wiring andassociated costs
  • Strobe synchronisation with no additional wiring (synchronisation not covered by approval
  • Can be wired as a two stage alarm, with both bell and visual alarm on separate circuits (not approved in this configuration)

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  • £96.78
  • (Exc. VAT: £80.65)
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Fire Alarms, Sounders, Flashers & Bells, Fire Alarm Bells - Vimpex 6 or 8 Inch Weatherproof Bell

Vimpex 6 or 8 Inch Weatherproof Bell


This product has been superseded by another model

Vimpex 6 or 8 Inch Weatherproof Bell

  • Weatherproof fire alarm bell suitable for external applications
  • Available in either 6 or 8 inch versions
  • Excellent sonorous tone up to 100dB(A) at 1m

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  • £39.00
  • (Exc. VAT: £32.50)
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