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Ei129 Hard Wired Switched Input Module EI129

  • Triggers the Alarms in a system if an external device is activated such as a sprinkler system.
  • Mains powered with a rechargable back-up 10 year lithium cell.
  • Hard-wire interconnect up to 12 Alarms and Devices.
  • Accepts a hard wired switched input.
  • Works from any N/O, 230 V AC mains rated isolated contacts.
  • Mounts under base.

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Aico Ei128R Hard Wired Relay Module Ei128R

  • This Relay Module triggers external devices if the alarms on the system are activated, such as a strobe light or telecare device.
  • Mains powered.
  • Connects with the alarm system through a hard wire interconnect.

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RadioLINK Panel Interface Module Ei413

  • Creates a two way communication between Aico alarms and a panel system
  • Connects wirelessly with all other Aico wireless interconnection products and is hard wired into the Panel system
  • Powered directly from the Panel system

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Aico Ei414 RadioLINK Fire & CO Alarm Interface Ei414

  • Mains powered with rechargeable lithium cell back-up.
  • Interfaces with Telecare/Warden Call devices, Sprinkler systems and many more.
  • Uses RadioLINK+ wireless interconnection technology to connect with domestic alarms and accessories.
  • Allows for simple testing of domestic and external systems.
  • Connects wirelessly with all other Aico wireless interconnection products.

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