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Fire Alarms, Promotional Offers - Intumescent Fire and Smoke Seal

Intumescent Fire and Smoke Seal


  • £2.34
  • (Exc. VAT: £1.95)

Intumescent Fire and Smoke Seal

  • 30 or 60 minute Fire Rated
  • Self Adhesive Fitting
  • Fits on Leaves or Frame
  • White or Brown Colour
  • 10, 15 and 20mm options

In Stock - Only 14 available


  • £2.34
  • (Exc. VAT: £1.95)
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First Alert 9V Heat Alarm With Test and Hush Button HA300

  • Heat sensor with a replaceable 9V battery.
  • Certified to British and European Standards.
  • Test and hush functions.
  • Ideal for covering kitchens, garages and dusty areas or those where non-dangerous fumes are often present.

In Stock - Only 9 Units Available


  • £9.29
  • (Exc. VAT: £7.74)
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Fire Alarms, Promotional Offers - 2 or 6 Litre Biomax Foam Fire Extinguisher

2 or 6 Litre Biomax Foam Fire Extinguisher

  • Ideal for Class A & B fires.
  • Quality valves.
  • Passed 35kv conductivity of discharge test.
  • Exceptional fire ratings.

In Stock - Only 2 x 2 litre & 4 x 6 litre available


  • £21.41
  • (Exc. VAT: £17.84)
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FireAngel Year Thermistek Heat Alarm with Optional Smart RF Wireless Link FS1226-T

  • Thermistek heat sensing technology - detects rate-of-rise in temperature.
  • Sealed 10 year battery powered alarm.
  • Smart RF Ready - Fit a Smart RF Radio Module (FS1521W2) to wirelessly interlink up to 50 FireAngel Smart RF products, including FireAngel Connect Gateway.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • CE marked and Kitemarked to BS 5446-2.

In Stock - Only 10 Units Available


  • £21.60
  • (Exc. VAT: £18.00)
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FireAngel 10 Year Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Smart RF Ready FS1326-T

  • Features advanced electrochemical sensor designed to accurately measure levels of CO
  • Suitable for wall mounting or freestanding offering greater flexibility in positioning
  • Designed to simplify call-handling on larger EVC installations.
  • Add a Smart RF Module for smart functionality

In Stock - Only 7 Units Available


  • £25.26
  • (Exc. VAT: £21.05)
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FireAngel Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Push Fit Base Mains Powered with Replaceable 9V Battery Backup CW1-PF-T

  • 230V mains powered carbon monoxide alarm
  • 9V battery back-up
  • Improved PUSH-FIT base for quicker installations
  • Electrochemical sensing technology
  • Large central test button makes weekly testing easy
  • LED operating indicators - Power, Fault, Alarm
  • Low battery warning indicator
  • Multi-alarm interconnect up to 12 smoke (SW1), heat (HW1) & CO (CW1) units ‒ when one sounds they all sound
  • Safety clip feature, to prevent installation of smoke alarm without battery installed
  • 5 year warranty
  • EN 50291-1: 2018

In Stock - Only 4 Units Available


  • £36.64
  • (Exc. VAT: £30.53)
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Fire Alarms, Promotional Offers - 9kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

9kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher MP-9E

Moyne Roberts

  • £37.84
  • (Exc. VAT: £31.53)

9kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher MP-9E

  • Type : 9kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Rating : 43A / 233B
  • CE Certified Fire Extinguisher : Yes
  • Kitemarked Fire Extinguisher : Yes
  • Wall Mount Included : Yes

In Stock - Only 4 available


  • £37.84
  • (Exc. VAT: £31.53)
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FireAngel Mains Powered Thermoptek Smoke Alarm SM-SN-1

  • Thermoptek Multi-Sensor technology for fast detection of both fast flaming and slow smouldering fires.
  • 10 year sealed for life lithium battery back-up.
  • Low energy usage - typically less than 10% of the average 230V AC smoke alarm.
  • Proven carbon footprint of =13.9kg C02e per alarm.
  • Ultra slim, integrated base plate.
  • Centralised button - test / Smart Silence / locate.
  • Secondary back-up buzzer.
  • Mixed system compatibility
  • Wi-Safe 2 and hardwired alarms on a single network.
  • Mains and battery powered alarms on a single network.

In Stock - Only 5 Units Available


  • £38.02
  • (Exc. VAT: £31.68)
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Aico Ei3014 Heat Alarm Ei3014

  • Contains a fast response thermistor heat sensor.
  • Mains powered with 10 year rechargeable lithium cell back-up.
  • Compatible with SmartLINK interconnection and monitoring technology.
  • AudioLINK data extraction technology.
  • easi-fit base.
  • 10 year life.

In Stock - Only 9 Units Available


  • £44.00
  • (Exc. VAT: £36.67)
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Aico Ei3000MRF SmartLINK Module Ei3000MRF

  • Powered from alarm head.
  • Interconnect up to 12 alarms and devices wirelessly.
  • Real-time configurable notifications.
  • Full visibility of your connected SmartLINK systems.
  • Forecast alarm replacements and maintenance.
  • Remote Alarm Learn entry.
  • Transmits, receives and repeats RF specific data.
  • RF mesh architecture.
  • Unique House Coding feature.
  • RF Data Download.

In Stock - Only 11 Units Available


  • £45.40
  • (Exc. VAT: £37.83)
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Aico Ei168RC RadioLINK Base EI168RC

  • Mains powered base with rechargeable lithium cell back up.
  • Add this to the 140RC series alarms for RadioLINK wireless interconnection.
  • Compatible with other Aico wireless interconnection products.
  • Eliminates tricky wiring runs.
  • Saves time, mess and 
  • Makes it easier to add in new alarms and accessories.

In Stock - Only 5 Units Available


  • £45.40
  • (Exc. VAT: £37.83)
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Aico Ei603RF RadioLINK+ Battery Heat Alarm Ei603RF

  • Battery powered with a sealed in lithium battery.
  • Easy to fit – twist on base and multi-fixings.
  • 10 year life.
  • Uses built-in RadioLINK+ technology for interconnection and data extraction.
  • Connects wirelessly with all other Aico wireless interconnection products.

In Stock - Only 9 Units Available


  • £70.28
  • (Exc. VAT: £58.57)
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Spec Connected Wireless Gateway FS1580W2-T

  • Enables remote real time monitoring - without requiring access to properties for complete tenant and asset protection
  • Compatible with all FireAngel Specification devices - use alongside a network of up to 50 mains and battery FireAngel Specification devices.
  • Simple setup and configuration - in seconds grant access to service and maintenance teams, family or friends
  • 24/7 compliance - when fitted, eliminates any concern over compliance regarding Fire & CO safety
  • Real time notifications - instant access to device diagnostic information is made available with optional device status notifications
  • Unique patented technology - Intelligent FireAngel Predict® technology accurately monitors device data to pinpoint high fire risks allowing earlier intervention to save lives.
  • Secure cloud system - device data is completely secure and stored within the FireAngel Cloud
  • For complete control, access information via mobile devices - Test and silence alarm networks remotely using the free FireAngel Connected App
  • Supplied with a Ethernet network cable, LED indicators for power supply, network connection, error message

In Stock - Only 8 Units Available


  • £75.79
  • (Exc. VAT: £63.16)
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Fire Angel Mains Powered RLYM-1EU Relay RLYM-1EU

  • Ideal to extend the capability of an alarm network with third party devices or systems such as fire doors and other telecare systems
  • Option of differentiating between smoke / heat & co alarm signals
  • Will activate an appropriate relay contact independently from the other
  • Additional buzzer notification for network alerts and low battery
  • Relay contact test function
  • 10 year sealed for life lithium battery back-up technology
  • Connect up to 30 hardwired units
  • Powered by mains 230V AC
  • External trigger input 12-24V DC
  • LED indication
  • Ultra slim design

In Stock - Only 2 Units Available


  • £93.47
  • (Exc. VAT: £77.89)
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Apollo XPander White Sounder with Mounting Base XPA-CB-14002-APO

  • Modern styling
  • Loop-powered interface operating on 868MHz
  • Wireless addresses seen by control panel as normal addresses
  • Radio base with wireless circuitry and battery compartment
  • Chamber designed to inhibit dirt penetration and thus reduce false alarms
  • Automatic drift compensation with DirtAlert warning
  • Algorithms for transient alarm rejection
  • FasTest reduces time taken to test detectors
  • remote test facility
  • 3-5 years battery life

In Stock


  • £189.23
  • (Exc. VAT: £157.69)
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Kentec K551A Syncro Loop Controller Board : Apollo Protocol K551A

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In Stock - Only 2 Units Available


  • £372.31
  • (Exc. VAT: £310.26)
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