Smoke Vent Control

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Fire Alarms, Smoke Vent Control - AOV System Logbook

AOV System Logbook DOCLBAOV13

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AOV System Logbook DOCLBAOV13

  • Complete log book for smoke control or AOV systems.
  • Logs essential details of your system.

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Hochiki Conventional AOV Orange Smoke Vent Call Point CCP-EO

  • Orange smoke vent manual call point.

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STI 3 Position Orange Keyswitch With Smoke Vent Label SS3-E053

  • Orange switch with "Smoke Vent" markings.
  • 3 position keyswitch.
  • Supplied with keys.
  • Suitable for flush or surface mount installations.

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Smoke Vent Rocker Switch in Orange or Yellow

  • Smoke vent rocker switch.
  • OPEN-AUTO-CLOSE function.
  • Available in Orange or Yellow.

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Smoke Vent Fireman's Switch in Orange WAK30S-AOV

Key Features

  • Simple cable access
  • Surface mount for all applications
  • 2-position and 3-position keyswitches
  • Key trapped in one position or removable in all positions
  • Rigorously tested, robust and long-life key and barrel
  • Tamper resistant front
  • Locknut & washer/keyway feature on barrel to prevent barrel rotating from rear
  • Broad temperature tolerance
  • KAC’s world renowned high reliability and quality
  • 3-year warranty

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MZAOV PIR Rain Sensor & BMS Add On Card

  • PIR, rain sensor & BMS add on card for MZAOV control panels.
  • Provides PIR & rain sensor inputs plus positional control input & positional data output for building management systems.

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MZAOV Two Zone Extension Card MZAOV-3001

  • Two zone extension card for MZAOV control panels.
  • Provides two additional detection zones and two additional actuator outputs.

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SZAOV 3A Single Zone Smoke Vent Control Panel SZAOV-1001

  • 3 amp integral PSU.
  • Easy to program.
  • Single detection zone.
  • Conventional or Twin-wire.
  • Input from other detection systems, to activate.

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MZAOV Multiple Zone Smoke Vent Control Panel

  • Up to 8 smoke vent zones from a single panel.
  • Choice of 3, 5 or 10amp power supply.
  • Detection zone(s) support conventional or sav-wire devices.

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Fire Alarms, Smoke Vent Control - Haes AOV Smoke Vent Control Panel

Haes AOV Smoke Vent Control Panel


This product has been superseded by another model

Haes AOV Smoke Vent Control Panel

  • Single zone conventional or Twin Wire detection circuit
  • Vent status indications & controls
  • 3A, 5A or 10A integral PSU
  • High spec versions include all available inputs & outputs in a single, off the shelf unit (see Technical Specification)
  • False alarm management mode included in all models

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