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SigTEL Disable Refuge System Network Communication Card ECU722

  • An optional system expansion device
  • Allows up to 14 ECU-4, 8, 16 or 8NT SigTEL controllers to be interlinked
  • Allows systems of up to 224 lines (14 x ECU-16 controllers) to be easily set-up
  • Any ECU-4, ECU-8 or ECU-16 can take control of the system at any time by the input of a special code
  • Note that for networked systems that do not require multiple control points, controllers without handsets are available (ECU-8NT)
  • IMPORTANT: To network a controller that has an optional ECU-224 desk controller fitted use an ECU723 interface/network card instead of an ECU722 (the ECU723 is due for release Nov 2019)

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SigTEL Programming Configurator EVC423

  • Facilitates quick and easy editing of outstation/extension names via a Windows-compatible PC
  • Includes a software CD, configurator and mini USB to master controller connection lead

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SigTEL Weather Resistant Enclosure ForType B Outstations BF359/1

  • An attractive IP66 rated enclosure designed for use with a SigTEL EVC302GF or EVC302F flush mounting disabled refuge controller.
  • Includes a handle and mounting plate.

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First Aid & Safety Equipment, Disabled Refuge Systems, C-Tec SigTEL Disabled Refuge System, SigTEL Accessories - SigTEL Line Tester

SigTEL Line Tester FITT


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SigTEL Line Tester FITT

  • Allows cable faults to be checked and cleared prior to equipment connection
  • Includes all of the test cables and connectors you need

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SigTEL Disable Refuge System Anti-Tamper Stainless Steel Enclosure BF359/3D

  • An attractive flush-mounting tamper-resistant cabinet for housing an ECU-4 or ECU-8 master controller
  • Helps ensure controllers remain operational at all times by reducing the risk of vandalism

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