ID2 Detectors & Bases

ID2 Detectors & Bases

The Infinity ID2 is available with a choice of 4 different automatic detectors; standard optical smoke, rate of rise heat, fixed temperature heat and a combined optical smoke & rate of rise heat. Each detector must be used in conjunction with the ID2 sounder/flasher base that can be programmed to sounder, flash or both.

Minimise False Alarms With Alarm Verification

To help prevent false alarms the Infinity ID2 allows you to program any optical smoke detector (ID2-OP) to operate in verification mode. A predefined delay period of up to 3 minutes and 45 seconds is set during which time any alarm with result in the associated base ringing and the panel showing “Confirming Alarm”. If the alarm clears in this time then the panel with reset to normal operation otherwise there will be a common alarm.

This feature is intended for use in apartments and similar buildings where it is desirable that an alarm from one apartment (or area) would need to be confirmed before the whole system goes into alarm.

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Infinity ID2 Detector With Optional Integral Sounder

Manufacturer: Zeta Alarm Systems

  • 4 types of detector avaiable
  • All available with optional integral sounder
  • Designed to meet EN54 requirement
  • Model number: ID2-OP/S
  • Price: £29.70
  • (Exc. VAT: £24.75)
  • In Stock

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