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Wi-Fyre Wireless Fire Alarm System

Wi-Fyre, the product of choice for ‘flexible’ wireless fire detection integration and control.

Until recently, wireless technology has only been available as a full, system-based solution, making it difficult or impossible to specify or combine the true strengths and economies of the two available technologies, hard-wired and wireless.

Wireless fire detection and fire alarm systems have proven to be an important, flexible solution for many owners, architects, specifiers, installers and fire professionals for well over 2 decades, with each decision to choose wireless in place of traditional hard-wired technology being made for specific reasons – accessibility, speed of installation, to minimise building disruption and to counter architectural issues.

Wi-Fyre, a new development from Eurofyre Limited, has been designed to eliminate this barrier, whilst building on traditional key- strengths to make wireless device integration and control more flexible than ever before – allowing hardwired and wireless detection technologies to co-exist seamlessly in appropriate proportions, irrespective of the type, age or technology of the existing ‘host’ hard-wired system.

This approach leaves the system designer free to use wireless devices where and when necessary, in order to provide complete protection in the most professional, convenient and cost effective way possible. Naturally, it also allows smaller, simple ad-hoc system add-ons to existing systems to be completed without detailed planning or building disruption, and in the minimum of time and fuss.

Wi-Fyre requires no special tools, programs or PC connections to program or commission as it has its own built-in user interface which, together with a spare wireless detector base or survey-head, can be used to conduct and complete a pre-requisite wireless site-survey.

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