Apollo XP95 Addressable Interfaces

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Apollo XP95 Switch Monitor 55000-843


  • £38.52
  • (Exc. VAT: £32.10)
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Apollo XP95 Switch Monitor 55000-843

  • Designed to monitor one or more Single Pole Volt Free Contacts and report the status
  • 4 Input States
  • Two Visable LED's
  • Loop Powered


  • £38.52
  • (Exc. VAT: £32.10)
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Apollo XP95 Addressable Output Unit 55000-849

  • The Output Unit provides a voltage free single pole, changeover relay output.
  • It is a simplified version of the Input/Output Unit without circuitry for monitoring inputs.


  • £55.08
  • (Exc. VAT: £45.90)
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Apollo XP95 Input/Output Unit With Isolator 55000-847

The Apollo XP95 Input/Output Unit provides a voltage-free, double pole changeover (DPCO) relay output, a single monitored switch input and an unmonitored, non-polarised opto-coupled input.


  • £59.94
  • (Exc. VAT: £49.95)
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Apollo XP95 Sounder Circuit Controller 55000-852

  • The Sounder Control Unit is used to control the operation of a zone of conventional sounders and report their status to the control panel.
  • Allows sounders to be operated continuously or be pulsed; 1 second on, 1 second off
  • May be synchronised with loop sounders


  • £101.88
  • (Exc. VAT: £84.90)
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