Wireless Cigarette Smoke Detectors

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Cigarette smoke detectors have now been on the market for many years, supplying the need to detect and prevent smoking even before the national UK smoking ban in 2007.

As the needs of the market have grown and as the technologies of manufacturers have advanced, we've seen a number of innovative new anti-smoking devices become available. Wireless cigarette smoke detectors are the latest range of anti-smoking detectors to be introduced to buyers looking to clamp down on illegal smoking in their buildings.

Cigarette Smoke Detectors, Wireless Cigarette Smoke Detectors - Cig-Arrete Infra-Red Remote Control

Cig-Arrete Infra-Red Remote Control CSA-IR2

Radal Technology

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Cig-Arrete Infra-Red Remote Control CSA-IR2

A handy remote control compatible with all Cig-Arrête wireless detectors and audio-visual devices. Allows quick and easy programming of devices on location.

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Cig-Arrete Wireless Combined Sounder Flasher Unit c/w Voice Alarm CSA-FSU/R

Combined Sounder Flasher with voice alarm function and ultra-bright LEDs. Ideal for remote use with Cig-Arrête Wireless smoke and flame detectors.

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Cig-Arrete Wireless Smoke Detector c/w Voice Alarm CSA-GOV/R

Wireless cigarette smoke detector allowing quick and easy installation with a custom selected voice message played to smokers on activation.

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Cig-Arrete Wireless Flame Detector c/w Voice Alarm CSA-FOV/R

Wireless Flame Detector detects ignition from cigarette lighters and matches. Sounds a pre-progammable voice message on activation.

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Cig-Arrete Wireless Combined Flame & Smoke Detector c/w Voice Alarm CSA-FGV/R

Cig-Arrête combined flame and smoke detector with wireless technology. Detects both tobacco smoke and flames from lighters and matches.

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We're seeing wireless technology become available in a massive range of fire detection products and other safety devices and it's no surprise. Wireless communication can be beneficial for buildings that need flexibility, can also be very cost-efficient and can minimise the disruption to workers and the availability of facilities during installation.

As in a traditional cigarette smoke detector system, wireless cigarette smoke detectors can be connected in a network that will sound in synchronisation whenever smoking is detected. As the needs of the environment change or the area to be protected grows, the cigarette detection system can be subtly tweaked or extended to meet changing needs with minimal hassle and expense.

Wireless Cigarette Smoke Detectors are often backwards compatible with older devices too. For example, in the Cig-Arrête range of cigarette and flame detectors, their new range of wireless cigarette detectors can used in conjunction with older wired models. This will allow anyone who has already invested in cigarette smoke detectors to bring their system up to date and introduce wireless detectors where needed without the need to install an expensive new system.

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