Wireless Site Alarms

This type of standalone fire alarm can be used to create an effective network of detection devices and notification devices using wireless technology.

Wireless site alarms are devices that can be networked together to create a flexible fire alarm system that doesn't need to rely on external sources for power or wires to carry signals. Typical situations where a wireless site alarm system could be required include temporary structures such as marquees and sites that evolve such as construction yards.

Most wireless site alarms, such as the Rapidfire Wireless Site Alarm, require a wireless base unit in order for detection devices to be connected together. The base unit usually incorporates a sounder as well as a flasher. Any devices that are to be included in the fire system must be within range of the base unit to allow the fire alarm to be raised correctly.

Detection devices that can be networked in a wireless site alarm system often include smoke alarms and manual call points. The inclusion of these types of device 1) allows fire to be detected automatically and 2) allows people on-site to manually raise the alarm.

With the addition of wireless site alarm interface modules, temporary fire alarms can even be connected to an existing wired fire alarm system. This is ideal for sites that are fluid in structure such as hotels that put up marquees for special occasions.

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