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Cigarette smoke detectors are becoming a common sight as more and more building owners look to clamp down on smoking on their premises. Since the smoking ban came into force fully in 2007 it has been illegal to smoke in any workplace or other building where the public might convene. This includes offices, factories, pubs and clubs.

Despite knowing that smoking is banned, some people choose to disregard anti-smoking law – even when they see signs reminding them that they are in an anti-smoking area.

As a result many building managers have chosen to install standalone cigarette detectors and full cigarette detection systems in a bid to catch any smokers on-site. A further benefit of cigarette smoke detectors is that they can also act as a deterrent to anyone thinking of lighting up, making them think twice before taking out their pack of cigarettes.

However, a minority will try and tamper with cigarette detectors in a bid to stop them from working. This could be by trying to remove the detector head, interrupting the power supply, covering the detector with something airtight or trying to cause a fault.

To prevent this we are selling a range of cigarette detector protection. These come in the form of strong steel anti-vandal cages that can be installed over the cigarette detector. Again, simply the presence of cigarette detector protection can act as a strong deterrent to vandals, saving you time and preventing smoking on-site.

The Discount Fire Supplies team are happy to assist you if you have any issues choosing the right cigarette detector protection for your needs. Call 01792 452 700 to talk to our friendly staff.

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