HyFire Wireless Fire Alarm Panels

HyFire Wireless Fire Alarm Panels

The alarm panel is the hub of any wireless fire alarm system. Devices such as detectors, call points, sounders, etc. connect wirelessly to the alarm panel, relaying messages back and forth to determine any issues, and in turn send a signal to other devices requesting appropriate action. Wireless Fire Alarm Panels will also monitor the battery life of wireless devices in connection with them and report any low battery notifications.

Our HyFire wireless fire alarm systems communicate through a European standard, bi-directional encrypted signal providing the highest level of security and reliability.

British Fire alarm standard BS5839 dictates that a property must be divided into zones to identify physical areas, in order to easily locate an area that is reporting a fire. We supply wireless panels that offer a more than ample ammount zones to cover the most common fire alarm installations in the UK.

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HyFire Economy Single Loop 16 Zone Control Panel

Manufacturer: HyFire

The HyFire Economy Single Loop Control Panel is a wireless fire alarm control panel suitable for small to medium size fire alarm systems. 

  • Model number: HF-CP1-01
  • Price: £550.80
  • (Exc. VAT: £459.00)
  • In Stock

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