Twinflex Detectors

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The Fike Twinflex Multipoint Detector is a single device providing all the features of normal conventional smoke and heat detectors in a single unit, which can be configured to operate in one of seven modes to suit the environment in which it is located. The device is available with or without an integral sounder, but is otherwise universal in its application. The sounder can be configured for normal volume (90 dB(A) at 1m) or low volume (75 dB(A) at 1m).

For surface mount installation of the Twinflex detectors you will require an additional Multipoint detector deep back box.

**Please note that all Fike components are only compatible with Fike Panels**

Twinflex ASD Multi-Function Detector With Optional Sounder And Strobe

  • Brand new Twinflex ASD detector from Fike
  • Available as detector only, with sounder or with sounder/strobe
  • 6 selectable modes of detection

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Fire Alarms, Wired Fire Alarm Systems, Fike Twinflex 2 Wire Fire Alarm System, Twinflex Detectors - Fike Twinflex Multipoint Detector With or Without Sounder

Fike Twinflex Multipoint Detector With or Without Sounder


This product has been superseded by another model

Fike Twinflex Multipoint Detector With or Without Sounder

  • Product now obsolete, replaced with 204-0001

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202 0001

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