LED Emergency Lighting

The advantages of choosing LED emergency lighting speak for themselves whether you're looking to reduce energy costs long-term or you're looking for a cleaner, eco-friendly way to light your property in an emergency.

LED technology is the latest innovation in the emergency lighting industry. These tiny light-emitting diodes have an impressive ability to produce light using a fraction of the energy of traditional lighting and are manufactured in line with British Standards, allowing you to meet regulations and provide the highest standard of emergency lighting.

Typically, an LED emergency light will have a lifetime of between 50,000 to 100,000 hours which is a drastic improvement on incandescent and fluorescent lights and roughly translates to 600% more lighting time. Combine this with the energy-efficiency of LED lighting where only 20% of energy consumption is lost as heat (the converse is true for incandescent bulbs) and you have a compelling emergency lighting source.

For a long time the initial cost of LED emergency lights has been prohibitive to many companies when choosing a new emergency lighting system but, as manufacturing methods improve and costs therefore drop, we've seen a massive increase in the number of businesses adopting LED energy efficient emergency lighting.

Admittedly, LED emergency lighting may still cost you more in set-up costs than traditional emergency lighting but when you compare the lifetimes of each light source, running costs (LEDs are approximately 5 times more energy-efficient) and even the man-hours needed to maintain and replace traditional bulbs - the choice is simple.

At Discount Fire Supplies we supply a range of LED emergency lighting including hanging emergency exit signs, downlights, emergency bulkheads and retrofit LED light replacements. Within these categories you'll find both maintained and non maintained emergency lighting giving you a flexible range of LED emergency lights that are suitable for a number of commercial, residential and business sites.

As you browse our LED emergency lighting category feel free to get in touch if you have any questions by calling 01792 452 700.

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