Conventional Call Points

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Menvier/Fulleon Call Point Key CX-KEY

  • Replacement key for Fulleon / Menvier Call Points

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KAC Plastic Resettable Element For Call Points PS210

  • Compatible with the New Type KAC Call Points (See related products)
  • Enables the call point to be reset after alarm is activated
  • Yellow indicator on plastic element indicates to user that the call point has been activated.

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Flush Mount Bezel For Zeta CP3 or ID2 Manual Call Points

  • Bezel to flush mount Zeta CP3 call point
  • Compatable with ZT-CP3. ZT-CP3/AD or ID2-MCP

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KAC M141W Spacer Piece For Manual Call Point M141W

  • 10mm spacer for KAC manual call points.

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KAC Spare Call Point Glass, Pack of 5 KG1

Key Features

  • This glass is suitable for use in the following type Call Points:
    • KAC
    • Apollo
    • Morely
    • Fulleon
    • Ziton
    • Notifier
    • Electro Detectors
    • EMS
    • System Sensor
    • Nittan
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 40mm x 71mm x 1.5mm

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PS200 Hinged Cover For KAC Manual Call Points PS200

  • Protects agains unwanted activations
  • Clip on fitting
  • Clear perspex

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Protective Cover for Sycall Fire Alarm Call Points 308-039

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CXL Universal Call Point CXL/G/P/R/BB/470+680

  • Choice of Glass or Plastic Elements
  • Changeover Contacts
  • Flag on Re-Settable Element
  • 470/680 Ohm Resistors

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Spare Glass for Eaton Fulleon CX Manual Call Point, Pack of 10 CX/SPARE-GLASS

  • Spare glass for CX manual call points.
  • Sold in pack of 10.

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Menvier Surface Manual Callpoint C/W Backbox Optional Weatherproof (CX201, MBG914, FX201)

Key Features

  • High visibility status LED
  • Standard and weatherproof versions available
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Heavy duty terminals
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Fast fit clip on front cover
  • Single tool for test and access

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  • £7.92
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KAC Conventional Indoor Manual Call Point

  • Unique ‘Plug & Play’ installation concept
  • Total ‘Flex-Ability’ in the choice of operating element

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  • £8.16
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Gent Indoor Conventional Manual Call Point

  • Fully compliant with EN54, Part 11.
  • Choice of re-settable or glass operating element option.
  • Semi-flush or surface mounting.
  • 470 Ohm resistor.

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  • £8.87
  • (Exc. VAT: £7.39)
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Apollo SC2900-001 Conventional Manual Call Point SC2900-001

  • Resettable operating element.
  • Easy access, front reset mechanism.
  • Ergonomic reset key.
  • EN54-11 certified.
  • 170° viewable LED.
  • Suitable for flush or surface mouting.
  • Optional hinged cover.

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  • £9.79
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Zeta CP4 Conventional Surface or Flush Manual Call Point

  • EN54-11 approved.
  • Very high visibility of the alarm condition.
  • New efficient and reliable mechanism.
  • High impact resistant ABS glass fiber material Fully patented.
  • Quick and Easy Installation.

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Eaton Pack Of 5 Spare Glasses For JSB Call Point MBG118

  • Part Codes: MBG118; UBSG & FX5G

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C-TEC Surface Mounting No Break Fire Call Point BF370MR

  • Cable termination: 5-2.5mm 2
  • Maximum voltage: 30Vd.c
  • Current rating: 2 Amps
  • IP rating: IP24D
  • Material: PC/ABS
  • Weight: 160g
  • Dimensions: 89x93x59mm
  • Colour: Red

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Sycall Reset/Test Key - Set of 10 SY-RK01

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KAC Call Point Cover Seal - Pack of 5 P056

Key Features

  • Call Point Cover Anti Tamper Seals
  • For Use With The New Type KAC Call Points and Covers
  • Pack of 5

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  • £17.93
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Eaton CXL Weatherproof Universal Call Point 4990047FULL-0420X

Key Features

  • Choice of glass or plastic elements
  • Secure & convenient clip fit cover
  • Use of glass or plastic resettable element without modification
  • MED certification
  • Choice of glass or plastic elements
  • Changeover contacts
  • Potted waterproof option
  • Flag on re-settable element

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  • £26.56
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Resettable Element Kit For Eaton Call Ponints (Pack of 10) MBGREKIT

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