Water leakage detector & alarms help prevent water damage.

Flood Alert Water Detector Alarm

Water damage costs millions of pounds to UK homes every year and is one of the most common reasons people claim on their home insurance. This damage can result from the rising threat of floods, poor plumbing, leaky appliances and many others things where early detection can minimise damage.

As such we are pleased to introduce the Flood Alert series of water detectors & alarms. These detectors are standalone units which include a sensor that can be placed in a potential flood or leakage area. Should such a flood or leakage occur then an 85dB alarm will sound alerting you.

The Flood Alert water detector & alarms are available now with free next day delivery from Discount Fire Supplies.

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Roy Openshaw says:

Water leakage detector will this work in a cesspit for a way off letting you know if the pump has stoped working

Yes, this water detector can be used for this application. The (normally-broken) contact would be placed above the maximum level when the pump is operating as normal, should the pump fail then the level will raise above this maximum and the alarm will sound.

There are two versions available (http://www.discountfiresupplies.co.uk/category/107/Water-Detectors-andamp;-Alarms) where the 12V version has an output relay which could be used to trigger an addition warning device and other alarm system.

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