Smoke Alarm Saves County Durham Family

fireman holding smoke detector

A smoke alarm alerted the family to the fire in their home.

A family of seven in County Durham have been evacuated from their home following a fire. It has been reported that they were alerted to the emergency situation by their smoke alarm.

The fire broke out in one of the bedrooms of the home in Roddymoor, near Crook, at around 9:30 yesterday morning. Five children and two adults were evacuated from the premises.

Firefighters attended the scene along with two fire engines and tackled the fire for an hour and a half, successfully extinguishing the fire. Meanwhile, those evacuated from the fire were taken to local hospitals to receive treatment for smoke inhalation.

Smoke alarm gave early warning

Investigation into the cause of the fire is currently ongoing but it has been mooted that had it not been for the early warning of the fire provided by their smoke alarm, the family may not have managed to escape the fire with just smoke inhalation.

Smoke alarms are life savers. It’s really that simple. A working smoke alarm will constantly monitor its environment for smoke particles, sounding a loud alarm whenever it detects smoke. Maintaining your smoke alarm is essential to ensure that you are receiving this protection.

When did you last test your Smoke Alarm?

If performed regularly, simply testing your smoke alarm will help you to ensure your smoke alarm is in good working order and able to help protect you from fire.

Most smoke alarms have a test button built into their design that you can press to sound the alarm without needing to trigger the internal smoke detector. Listen to make sure that the alarm noise is strong and regular and press the test button again to stop the alarm. If the alarm sounds weak or irregular it could mean that the battery needs to be replaced.

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