RESitech Interconnected Alarms Now Available

The RESitech range of Interconnected Alarms

Within our domestic fire alarms category we are now stocking the RESitech range of interconnected alarms.

RESitech, from Channel Safety Systems, is a flexible range of fire alarms designed for use in the home or similar small buildings. There are four alarms to choose from in the range, all of which can be interconnected to form a domestic fire alarm system of up to 20 devices.

There is no need for an alarm control panel as whenever one detector is activated, all detectors are activated in unison and the alarm auto-resets whenever the hazard clears.

Interconnected Smoke Alarms

RESitech Interconnected Ionisation Smoke Alarm

Ionisation smoke alarms are best at detecting flaming fires which makes this particular alarm ideal for bedrooms where flaming fires are more likely due to the amount of fuels like bedding and clothing.

RESitech Interconnected Optical Smoke Alarm

Optical smoke alarms more easily detect smoke particles from smouldering fires. This type of smoke alarm is recommended for living rooms and hallways.

Interconnected Heat Alarms

RESitech Interconnected Heat Alarm

Heat alarms can be used in areas where smoke alarms are not suitable due to potential levels of smoke and dust that could trigger a false alarm. These areas include kitchens and garages.

Interconnected CO Alarms

RESitech Interconnected Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that needs to be detected before anyone comes to harm. CO detectors should be placed near any gas appliances, in boiler rooms and next to solid fuel burners.

Wireless Interconnected Alarms

In rooms where mains interconnection isn’t feasible, or if you’d prefer more flexibility in your home fire alarm system, a RESitech Wireless Detector Base is available. By exchanging the standard detector base on a RESitech alarm for a wireless base you’ll have the ability to connect your fire alarms wirelessly using radio frequencies.

By installing a wireless fire alarm system in your home you’re making life a lot easier for just a little extra expense. Adjusting the configuration of your alarms will be as simple as moving the alarm to a new location and if you ever want to expand your domestic fire system you can just add more detectors (up to 20 in a single system).

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