New Range Of Domestic Fire Alarms Now Available

Smoke alarms should be standard in every home but sadly, even now in 2011, they’re not. Recent reports from the government show that you are twice as likely to die in a residential fire if you haven’t got a working smoke detector.

With ever-advancing technology and cost-effective production, smoke detectors today are affordable and life-saving.

Domestic Fire Alarms range. Ideal for houses, flats and other domestic abodes, we offer a choice of optical smoke detectors and ionisation smoke detectors with either replaceable batteries or 10 year life lithium power packs.

All of our Zeta Domestic Fire Alarms are;

  • compliant with EU fire safety legislation
  • elegant and easy to use
  • audible at 85dB @ 3 metres

View our range of Domestic Smoke Alarms.

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