Manufacturer Spotlight: Channel Safety Systems

channel safety systems

Channel Safety Systems manufacture the RESitech fire alarm range.

Channel Safety Systems are manufacturers of a variety of different safety products, all designed to provide the highest possible levels of safety. On we stock their range of interconnected residential fire detectors.

Channel Safety Systems, based in Hampshire UK, have been designing and manufacturing fire safety products since 1976. Over the years their product range has expanded to include fire detection products, emergency lighting and disability assistance products.

They have accumulated a number of industry approvals and awards and are members of the Fire Industry Association (FIA) and the British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE).

We stock the Channel Safety Systems RESitech range of interconnected fire alarms. Included in this range are two types of smoke detector (optical and ionisation), a heat detector and a carbon monoxide detector. A wireless detector base is also available to allow home-owners to create a comprehensive wireless fire alarm system within their premises.

Up to 20 RESitech domestic alarms can be connected in a single system through mains wiring (or wirelessly using the wireless detector base). When one alarm detects a threat, each and every detector in the system will sound its alarm, effectively warning everyone in the building that there’s a fire danger. This alarm state will be triggered regardless of whether smoke, heat or CO has been detected.

This interconnected alarm system is not only ideal for the home, it could also be effectively used in small commercial applications where a full fire alarm system isn’t practical or necessary.

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