Introducing Our Intruder Alarm Range From Eaton

We are thrilled to welcome a comprehensive range of intruder alarm systems from Eaton.

Who Are Eaton?

Eaton is a global power management company that helps customers solve challenges through a variety of electrical, aerospace, hydraulic and vehicle products and services. 

Eaton has been helping customers around the world for over 100 years and their security products allow businesses to stay safe.

Eaton Benefits

Range of Panels

Eaton offers a range of panels, including wired, wireless and hybrid, along with a complete range of devices. This means that, no matter what your business needs, an intruder alarm system can be put together to suit your requirements. 

Eaton’s range of cloud-connected security panels and devices, managed by the SecureConnect platform, provide the convenience and responsiveness of smart security systems with the reassurance of resistance to cyber attacks.

View the full range here.

Range of Devices

There is a range of devices available from Eaton. These include: shock sensors, flood sensors, glass break sensors, panic alarms, motion detectors and more. 

SecureConnect Cloud Management

Eaton’s SecureConnect is a smart security management system for residential and commercial buildings that enables remote monitoring of the latest IP intruder alarm devices from Eaton. It incorporates a user-friendly interface, which has no ongoing costs.

SecureConnect delivers the same control of smart security, ensuring installers and system users remain securely connected to panels.

Digital Communicator

Almost all Eaton panels come with a digital communicator as standard, to enable  outgoing transmissions to either an alarm receiving centre (ARC) for professional alarm monitoring or directly to an end-user for self-monitoring in the form of a smartphone app.

Expandable Banks

Expanders can be used to unlock additional zones, with a choice of hardwired or wireless installation. Alarm installers can keep adding expanders to meet site needs up to the limit set by the panel capacity.

Panels are expanded in banks of 10 zones, compared with much of the competition expandable in banks of 8. This means less expansion cards are required on average which, therefore, leads to cost savings.

Shop Eaton Intruder Systems with Discount Fire Suppliers

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We are proud to offer a range of Eaton systems here at Discount Fire Supplies. You can shop the range here, or contact us for more information.


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