Introducing The Twinflex Pro Fire Alarm Panels

Fike Twinflex Pro Fire Alarm Panel

Fike Twinflex Pro Fire Alarm Panel

New from Fike and available soon at Discount Fire Supplies is the Twinflex Pro Fire Alarm Panel available in 2, 4 and 8 Zone options.

The Twinflex Pro is an intelligent analogue non-addressable fire alarm control panel using a conventional cabling format. Capable of running up to 64, 128 or 256 devices respectively, devices communicate with the panel using the exclusive Twinflex data protocol.

Compatible with Twinflex devices only, this 2-wire conventional fire alarm panel is capable of recognising the difference between smoke detectors and manual call points. It also monitors each zone for various faults including detector head removal, short circuits and end-of-line faults. A further pair of wires is available for warning device configuration, for example sounders and beacons.

A clear liquid crystal display and numeric/letter keypad built in to the panel allows for swift configuration and labelling of zones. This panel also features an integral sealed lead acid battery pack that will keep the control panel in standby mode for a period of 72 hours in the event of mains power failure. An event log capable of storing up to 500 event histories, a day/night mode and an alarm confirmation function also feature in this control panel.

For small to medium applications looking for a cost-efficient option for effective fire detection, the Fike Twinflex Pro range is ideal.

You’ll find this product in our conventional fire alarm panels category. Remember, this product is available in two zone, four zone or eight zone options so you are sure to find a Twinflex Pro fire control panel suitable for your project.

Pricing for these products in available on request – follow the link on the individual product pages or contact us for more information.

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