Introducing the Rapidfire Wireless Site Alarm System

rapidfire wireless alarm system

The Rapidfire Wireless Site Alarm system is now available.

On a number of sites it may be not be possible or practical to install a wired fire alarm system. In these cases a wireless fire alarm system is ideal as it gives the user flexibility and control over where alarms are positioned and how the alarm system is set up.

Locations where a wireless site alarm system can be effectively deployed include construction sites and temporary buildings like marquees. In fact, anywhere wiring isn’t practicable is ideal for this type of alarm system.

The Rapidfire Wireless Site Alarm system has been designed for this type of application. The system includes a wireless site alarm base unit with an integrated sounder/flasher, a wireless optical smoke detector and a wireless manual call point, all of which can be connected to create a comprehensive temporary wireless fire system.

Rapidfire Wireless Site Alarm Base Unit

The Rapidfire wireless site alarm base unit can be connected to up to 10 wireless devices – this can be solely smoke detectors, manual call points or a mix of both types of wireless alarm device.

An integrated sounder and LED strobe flasher will be activated when any connected devices are triggered, indicating to personnel that the site should be evacuated.

A system for determining whether devices are in range has been developed. Each smoke alarm and call point features an ‘install sounder’ mode which causes the sounder to activate. By using this mode when moving the device to the desired location the installer can instantly tell if the device is still within the allowed 100m range – if the device goes out of the range the sounder will stop!

Rapidfire Wireless Site Alarm Devices

Available for use with the Rapidfire Base Unit are two devices – a wireless manual call point and a wireless optical smoke detector. Both devices are reliable methods of raising a fire alarm and can be easily surface mounted in desired locations. The Rapidfire wireless smoke detector has a battery life of up to 10 years while the Rapidfire wireless manual call point features an activation element which can be reset using the provided key.

Rapidfire Wireless Site Alarm Interface

It is also possible to connect Rapidfire wireless devices directly to a wired fire alarm system using the Rapidfire Wireless Site Alarm Interface module. Powered through the alarm control panel, the interface module allows an unlimited number of wireless smoke detectors to be connected to the fire system.

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