Introducing Our New Emergency Lighting Conversion Kits

Emergency Lighting Conversion Kits

Emergency Lighting Conversion Kits From Channel Safety Systems

Emergency Lighting Conversion Kits

The latest additions to our emergency lighting category are Laser-Pack low voltage conversion kits from Channel Safety Systems. The Laser-Pack and the Laser-Pack C2 (the ultra slim variation) emergency lighting conversion kits are designed to convert any tungsten Halogen fitting for emergency use.

The Laser-Pack and the Laser-Pack C2 are self-contained luminaires meaning that all the components such as the battery and battery charger are contained within or adjacent to the luminaire.

In the event of a power supply failure the Laser-Pack emergency lighting kits provide an emergency output of 6 volts DC, to either 20 or 50 watt tungsten halogen lamps, for up to 3 hours. The Laser-Pack range is a versatile solution to discreet lighting and the ultra slim Laser-Pack C2, being only 65mm wide, provides an exceptional alternative where ceiling voids are shallow.

Who Are Channel Safety Systems?

Channels Safety Systems have been providing fire detection systems and emergency lighting solutions since 1976 and are very well known within the industry. Their emergency lighting products have earned them accreditation from the Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting (ICEL) and the Lighting Industry Federation (LIF).

We currently stock a range of other products from Channel Safety Systems including the recently added 2D Emergency Lighting range as well as other products from their RESitech range of wireless residential alarms.

Laser-Pack Product Overview

The Laser-Pack (E/LVK/M3T/20-50W) self-contained luminaire operates on a maintained operational mode. It supplies a 6 Volt DC output for up to 3 hours in the event of a power supply failure.

The Laser-Pack C2 (65mm) (E/LVK/M3T/50/C2) is the slim variant of the E/LVK/M3T/20-50W. It also is a self-contained luminaire operating on a maintained operational mode, providing a 6 Volt DC supply for up to 3 hours in the event of power failure.

Product Price
Laser-Pack (E/LVK/M3T/20-50W) £150.00 (£125.00 exc. VAT)
Laser-Pack C2 65mm (E/LVK/M3T/50/C2) £118.00 (£99.00 exc. VAT)

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