Introducing Our New 2D Emergency Lights Range

2D Emergency Lights

Five different 2D emergency lights are now available on our website.

The latest addition to our Emergency Lighting category is a range of 28W 2D Emergency Lights made by Channel Safety Systems. These are low-profile and semi-decorative emergency lights ideal for use in offices, schools, shops and a multitude of other locations.

All of the new emergency lights in our new 2D Emergency Lights category are made of resilient polycarbonate which is flame retardant. You can also be assured that due to their design these lights are also vandal resistant.

2D lamp technology allows emergency lights to be low-profile making them a versatile choice and ideal for both ceiling and wall mounting. With a 3 hour emergency lighting capacity and, on many models, a choice of colour, diffuser and power options, you are bound to find a 2D emergency light that will perfectly suit your requirements.

Who Are Channel Safety Systems?

Channel Safety Systems is a well known name in the fire industry. Since 1976 they’ve been producing innovative products in the areas of emergency lighting, security, fire alarms and disability assistance.

We already stock a range of their products including their RESitech range of wireless residential alarms which includes interconnectable smoke alarms, heat alarms and CO alarms.

2D Emergency Lights Product Overview

The following products can all be found on our website under our Emergency Lighting category. We’ve described a number of their key features below along with the options available and the price of each unit.

28W 2D Channel Clipper Luminaire

The attractive, slimline Channel Clipper emergency luminaire with a removable decorative bezel can be ceiling or wall mounted depending on your preference. It also features a fresnel diffuser with satin finish for maximum possible light output.

Power Source Price
Mains Only £87.60 (£73.00 exc. VAT)
Maintained £131.10 (£109.25 exc. VAT)

28W 2D Channel Illustrious Luminaire

LEDs feature in the Channel Illustrious Luminaire for cost-efficiency and high light output. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (it’s IP 54 weatherproof) this emergency light also features an opal diffuser and can be surface mounted on both ceilings and walls.

Various power source options are available including sustained, high frequency mains, non-maintained and maintained.

Power Source Price
Sustained £102.60 (£85.50 exc. VAT)
High Freq. Mains £103.20 (£86.00 exc. VAT)
Non-Maintained £139.20 (£116.00 exc. VAT)
Maintained £150.00 (£125.00 exc. VAT)

28W 2D Channel Light Round Maintained

The Channel Light Round Maintained can be fitted flush to the wall or ceiling and is suitable for internal or external use due to it’s IP65 weatherproof rating.

Both opal or clear diffuser options are available and the base is also available in black or white to suit your décor. This emergency light also features a hinged gear tray for easy access and a 4 cell battery in emergency variants.

Colour/Diffuser Price
Black/Prismatic £118.20 (£98.50 exc. VAT)
Black/Opal £118.20 (£98.50 exc. VAT)
White/Prismatic £118.20 (£98.50 exc. VAT)
White/Opal £118.20 (£98.50 exc. VAT)

28W 2D Channel Light Square Maintained

The square version of the Channel Light Round Maintained emergency light has all of the same great features including a flush conduit base and an IP65 weatherproof rating allowing it to be used indoors or outdoors.

Furthermore the diffuser is available in opal or clear and the base is available in black or white to suit your décor.

Colour/Diffuser Price
Black/Clear £118.20 (£98.50 exc. VAT)
Black/Opal £118.20 (£98.50 exc. VAT)
White/Opal £118.20 (£98.50 exc. VAT)

28W 2D Profile III Light

The ultra slimline Profile III Light is perfectly suited for areas where you want your emergency lighting to be discreet. Suitable for ceiling or wall mounting, the Profile III emergency light has two power options – high frequency mains or maintained.

Power Source Price
High Freq. Mains £178.20 (£148.50 exc. VAT)
Maintained £204.30 (£170.25 exc. VAT)

For more information on any of these products or any of our other items feel free to give the Discount Fire Supplies team a call on 01792 452 700 or email us at You can even write us a comment below and we’ll be happy to get back to you.


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