Introducing New Dorgard Effects Fire Door Retainers

Dorgard Fire Door Retainers

Dorgard Fire Door Retainer in Oak, Ash and Chrome Effects

Dorgard Fire Door Retainers allow you to legally and safely prop open fire doors to allow the easy passage of foot traffic and help aid air circulation in your buildings. We’ve recently added three new colours from the Dorgard Effects range to allow you to better match your fire devices to your décor.

Which Colours Can I Choose From?

We’ve been stocking Dorgard Fire Door Retainers for some time now and have seen a lot of interest in the standard colours of Black, Red, Brown and White which are all available for £118.80 (£99.00 +VAT) on our website.

But, as we reported last year in our Top 10 Attractive Fire Alarms and Safety Accessories blog, there’s an increasing demand for more aesthetically pleasing fire devices which blend into the building environment. This is being achieved by manufacturers who are taking care to incorporate sleek design with more modern materials like chrome, stainless steel and coloured plastics.

Fireco, the manufacturer of the Dorgard fire door retaining system, have clearly paid attention to this growing interest and have produced new versions of their popular fire door retainers in a range they are calling Dorgard Effects.

From the Dorgard Effects range we are now stocking the Ash and Oak models which are high-gloss, textured versions of their plain counterparts which blend seamlessly into wooden fire doors.

We also have a solution for those of you who may be interested in colour-matching your fire door retainer but have kick-plates on your doors. Take a look at the sleek Chrome version of Dorgard – at exactly the same height as standard kick-plates the Dorgard Fire Door Retainer in Chrome is ideal to help you create a coordinating interior.

Dorgard fire door retainers in Ash, Oak and Chrome are priced at £162.00 (£135.00 +VAT) each.

Why Are Fire Door Retainers Important?

If you’re on your feet all day, in and out of rooms in your office, it’s tempting to prop open heavy fire doors with a box or even a fire extinguisher to save some time and effort as you go about your day. Equally so when the temperature rises and air circulation becomes of great importance to keep you cool.

However, propping fire doors open with anything other than a recognised device is illegal as it directly contravenes fire regulations in the UK.

The Dorgard solution is simple. Once installed (using just four screws in less than 5 minutes!), audio sensors in the Dorgard unit will continually listen for a fire alarm – characterised as any sound over a loud 65dB. Upon detecting a continuous alarm the Dorgard fire door retainer automatically lifts its retaining foot and allows the door to close under the pressure of the fire door closer (which should be fitted as standard to any fire door).

To use Dorgard you simply need to open the door to the desired position and push down the retaining knob using your foot. Dorgard is a standalone unit so there’s no need for any electrical wiring, it just needs two C-size batteries to become operational.

Dorgard complies with BS EN 1155 as well as BS 7273-4 category B. Before you consider installing Dorgard fire door retainers it is always recommended that you carry out a Fire Risk Assessment to fully identify the needs of your premises.

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