Freckleton Fire Raises Smoke Alarm Awareness

fireman holding smoke detector

When did you last test your smoke alarm?

Following a fatal fire in Freckleton, Lancashire, fire services have seen an overwhelming response to smoke alarm awareness activities.

On 7th January 2012, 4 children were killed in a fire at their home in Freckleton, Lancashire including four-year-old twins. It has since emerged that the house did have smoke alarms installed but they were not working. The tragedy of this fire and the fact that the loss of life could have been prevented if the smoke alarms in the home were working prompted Lancashire Fire Service to carry out a day of local smoke alarm promotion.

During the day they carried out over 10,000 smoke alarm and fire safety checks in the community. Activities also included giving away free smoke alarms at local Fire Stations and maintaining a presence at supermarkets, shopping centres and football grounds.

The success of this day will hopefully save many lives in the future.

Are your smoke alarms working? It is important to test them regularly, some authorities recommend testing smoke alarms at least once a week, to ensure they are working. If your smoke alarm needs batteries, these should be changed once a year without fail, usually on a memorable date.

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