Evacuation Chairs from Globex

Globex Evacuation Chairs

Globex Evacuation Chairs

Equality requirements and guidelines require us to provide appropriate building access for non-ambulant or disabled persons. Unfortunately these requirements generally focus on getting them into the building, but not getting them out in the event of a fire or any other situation where a lift maybe inoperable.

Who’s Responsible?

Common misconception is that it the responsibility of emergency services to safely and effectively evacuate people from within a building. However, in actual fact it is the responsibility of employers and service providers to ensure the safe evacuation of mobility impaired persons, should an emergency situation require it.

There are a number of situations where the availability of a lift or elevator may become limited. It is a well known fact that in the event of a fire most lifts or elevators become inactive. Fire is not the only situation in which a lift could become unavailable; power failure or servicing and maintenance amongst other events can also result in downtime. In an emergency situation it is imperative that an employer or service provider has the necessary training and equipment available to safely evacuate any mobility impaired persons from the building.

What’s The Solution?

Discount Fire Supplies have recently added a new range of Evacuation Chairs from Globex. Globex Evacuation Chairs can provide a cost-effective solution for ensuring the safe evacuation of non-ambulant persons from upper or lower levels of buildings should the situation arise.

The Globex Evacuation Chair is suitable for use in a number of applications including public buildings, offices, retail premises, hospitals, educational establishments and many more. Globex Evacuation Chairs can be used to help safely evacuate mobility impaired persons such as the elderly, disabled, injured, the sick or pregnant women.

Globex Evacuation Chairs are easily operated by one person and can be ready to use in seconds. They are of a sturdy yet lightweight design and come with wall brackets and a dust cover. The instructions are clearly visible to the operator at all times providing a safe and easy-to-use evacuation aid.

In the event of an evacuation the Globex Evacuation Chair is easily removed from the wall, unfolded into its open position and locked into place. The chair can then be used as a transport chair on four wheels with sliders that allow the chair to manoeuvred up or down stairs.

Globex Evacuation Chairs

Discount Fire Supplies have 5 versions of the Globex Evacuation Chair available:

  • Globex GEC1 Standard Evacuation Chair (GEC1) – £750.00 +VATThe GEC1 has all the feature of the GEC5 plus a telescopic handle, adjustable and removable head and waist straps, and padded head rest and lockable swivel wheels.
  • Globex GEC2 Carry Evacuation Chair (GEC2) – £870.00 +VATThe GEC2 has all the features of the GEC1 with added rear carry handles and telescopic front handles.
  • Globex GEC3 Narrow Evacuation Chair (GEC3) – £870.00 +VATThe GEC3 is a narrow version of the evacuation chair which is suitable for moving downstairs but also has a carry facility for moving upstairs and over obstacles.
  • Globex GEC4 Lightweight Evacuation Chair (GEC4) – £750.00 +VATThe GEC4 has all the features of the GEC5, with lightweight aluminium construction, arm rest and flat storage, making the GEC4 ideal for storage in vehicles.
  • Globex GEC5 Economy Evacuation Chair (GEC5) – £595.00 +VATThe Globex GEC5 is an economy fold away evacuation chair with a robust easy grip handle, adjustable headrest and back support and friction controlled high resistance belts for controlling the chair whilst manoeuvring up or down stairs.

For more information on Globex Evacuation Chairs or any of our other products please feel free to get in touch either by email to info@discountfiresupplies.co.uk, by telephone on 01792 452 700 or make use of the live help facility located at the bottom left of your screen.


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