Do You Have A Working Smoke Alarm?

Fireman Holding Smoke Detector

Do You Have A Working Smoke Alarm?

Recent news stories have once again brought to our attention the importance of having working smoke alarms in homes and the vital role they play in saving lives.

Smoke alarms have been around for decades, everyone has at least one in their home… don’t they?

It may surprise you to learn that even now in 2011 some people still don’t have a smoke alarm in their home. Earlier this month an elderly man lost his life in a house fire in Dundee. Fire-fighters managed to get him out of the building when they arrived on scene but tragically he had already lost his life. It has been reported that he did not have a smoke detector in his property, sadly it would fair to say this story could have had a very different outcome if he did.

On the other end of the scale, just a few days before the incident in Dundee, a woman in Milton Keynes was awoken in the early hours of the morning by her smoke alarm. She managed to climb to the top floor of her home and brave neighbours helped her to escape the building down a ladder. The Fire Service’s area manager Mick Osborne is reported to have said this is ‘another reminder of the vital importance of smoke alarms.’.

Another family in Jersey this month also escaped unharmed from a house fire after they were alerted to the fire by their smoke alarm. This prompted Jersey Fire and Rescue to remind islanders of the importance of a working smoke detector.

What You Can Do

If you don’t have a smoke alarm – get one!

Smoke alarms are commonly sold devices that you can buy almost anywhere, even online. There are many types available including mains and battery powered and they are very affordable.

If you do have a smoke alarm – test it!

It’s good practice to test your smoke detector once a week. Try and get into the habit of testing it at the same time, on the same day, every week.

Remember to change the batteries!

Most smoke alarms will start to beep when the power is getting low but if you have a battery powered alarm you should get into the habit of changing the batteries once a year. Choose a memorable date like New Years Day or your birthday.

An alternative to standard battery powered smoke alarms are 10 year sealed for life smoke alarms. As the name suggests they have a 10 year battery so you don’t need to worry about changing the battery for a decade, you simply replace the whole unit!

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Other alarms for use in your home include heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and natural gas detectors. Visit our Standalone Fire Alarms section to see the full range.

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