Disabled Toilet Alarm Kit Special Offer

disabled toilet alarm special offer

Disabled Toilet Alarm Special Offer

As we enter August we mark the launch of a new special offer. This month we are offering you the chance to purchase our Disabled Toilet Alarm 1 Zone Kit at the fantastic price of £34.95, that’s a discount of over 35%!

About the Disabled Toilet Alarm 1 Zone Kit

This disabled persons toilet alarm kit is designed for use in disabled persons dwellings, public facilities and workplaces – typically where the design process has taken into consideration the requirements of BS8300.

The One Zone Disabled Toilet Alarm Kit provides you with everything you need for a single toilet and consists of a 4 zone control panel (DPTA-CP4) which is connected to a Pull Cord (DPTA-PC), Remote Reset (DPTA-RR) and Remote Indicator (DPTA-RI) in each zone. These connected items are known as field devices which provide the Control Panel with the necessary input and output signals to allow the system to function. These field devices are categorised as follows;

Disabled Toilet Alarm Kit

  • 1 x Control Panel: A centralised control panel that all the components of system connect to. This can cater for up to 4 zones allowing the system to be expanded if required.
  • 1 x Pull Cord: A “Call Device” which is ceiling mounted and used to trigger an alarm activation by a person that is in distress or requires attention from a carer. When the cord is pulled the system will generate an alarm and the remote indicator will illuminate and sound. BS8300:2001 states that the alarm pull cord should be sited so that it can be operated from the toilet and adjacent floor area.
  • 1 x Remote Indicator: A “Warning Device” that is generally wall mounted and will alert carers or staff in the event of an alarm activation. This remote indicator gives an audible and visual display when an alarm is triggered. The disabled toilet alarm remote indicator (DPTA-RI) should be located outside the toilet area where it will be seen and heard by people able to provide assistance and indicate when help is required.
  •  1 x Remote Reset: A “Reset Device” consisting of a wall mounted push button that once pressed cancels an activated alarm. The disabled toilet alarm remote reset (DPTA-RR) should be sited so that it is within reach from a wheelchair and the toilet.
  • 1 x Disabled Toilet Sticker: A sticker to indicate that a toilet is fitted to suit a person that is disabled.

Disabled Toilet Alarm One Zone Kit Key Features

  • Simple 3 wire operation for all field devices.
  • Control Panel supporting up to 4 zones.
  • Simple maintenance and fault diagnosis.
  • On board buzzer in both Control Panel & Remote Indicator.
  • Zone LED indication on Control Panel.
  • Full range of field devices available (i.e. Pull Cord, Remote Reset & Remote Indicator).
  • System silence/mute option from Control Panel.
  • Local (at Control Panel) or remote (at Remote Reset) reset options.
  • Optional battery back-up.
  • Auto-shutdown function to save battery power.

The discount has already been applied to the Disabled Toilet Alarm One Zone Kit so all you need to do is add it to your basket. This offer is only available until the end of August – the Disabled Toilet Alarm will return to its original price of £54.95 on 1st September 2013.

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