Fire Alarm Systems

Fike TwinflexPro² Fire Alarm Kit

The TwinflexPro² is an intelligent 2-wire fire detection system that uses conventional cabling. The system is  categorised as Analogue non-addressable and employs the Twinflex data protocol for communication. Available in 2, 4, and 8 zone variants, Fike TwinflexPro2 can handle up to 32 Twinflex devices per circuit. 

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Is Your Communicator Ready For The UK PSTN Switch Off?

PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) telephone lines are used by many communicators installed in fire alarm panels, intruder alarm panels and other  systems, to transmit information about system errors or fire events. However, from 2025, PSTN lines will be switched off.

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Fike Price Increase from 2024

Fike are increasing their prices from 2024, which will affect the Twinflex system and CIE Addressable system available at Discount Fire Supplies.

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Recycle Week 2023 – Can You Recycle Fire Alarms and Batteries?

October saw the 20th Annual Recycle Week, which focuses on bringing the nation together to recycle more.

Fire alarms are developed to last a long time, however, they will need to be replaced at some point, with many manufacturers recommending replacing their detectors every 10 years. If this is the case, what should you do with your old fire alarm systems? Luckily, you may be able to recycle them.

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Introducing Our Intruder Alarm Range From Eaton

We are thrilled to welcome a comprehensive range of intruder alarm systems from Eaton.

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Using Easy Relays to split a relay or provide one from trigger voltage

Most fire panels have a single fire and fault relay output on the panel itself.

Addressable systems can have I/O units connected to the loop and some 2-wire systems can also have I/O units connected to the zones, these I/O units can provide additional relay outputs.

Conventional systems and some 2-wire systems are not able to have I/O units connected to the system meaning relays onboard the panel may be available.

Although a single fire relay may often be sufficient, there will always be systems that require more than one output.

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Which tools and equipment should fire alarm engineers carry as standard?

A fire alarm engineer who is responsible for installing, servicing or maintaining fire alarm systems should carry the necessary tools and equipment to perform their job safely and effectively. The specific tools and equipment an engineer should carry will clearly vary depending upon the scope of works a specific engineer is remitted to; however we have compiled this guide with the proviso of an engineer who has a broad scope of works carried out on a wide range of systems from varied manufacturers.

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FIM Expo Cardiff 2022

On Tuesday 13th September we attended the FIM Expo at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff where most of the major manufacturers were showcasing parts of their product portfolio. These events are always a great opportunity to keep abreast of industry developments and network with our key partners.

This year we used the opportunity to interview Tom Halden from Morley-IAS, Robert Quinn from Sygno-Fi and Jeff Pinkest from C-Tec and here’s what they had to say.

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Guide to maintaining and upgrading the Twinflex fire alarm system

Since its launch the Twinflex system has been instrumental in establishing the 2-wire market in the UK. Famed by allowing installers to develop a fire alarm system with simply 3 items; panel, multipoint detector with integral sounder and call point, the Twinflex quickly became the go to solution for electrical contractors.

Whilst the Twinflex has seen several changes over the years the good news is backwards compatibility has clearly been a priority. This means even if you have an original system you won’t be left holding the baby should the system need upgrading.

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Wireless fire alarm manufacturers

The landscape of wireless fire alarm manufacturers is larger than ever and we anticipate this will continue to grow given the key benefits of wireless. In this article we explore each player, outlining the type of system offered to help you make an informed decision.

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