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New LED Emergency Lighting

Chanel LED Emergency Lighting

Channel Safety Systems LED Emergency Lighting

Introducing a new range of LED Emergency Lighting

We’ve been working hard to bring a new range of LED emergency lighting to our website. Featuring fixtures from exit signs to recessed emergency lighting, our LED emergency lighting range is wide enough to cover all your emergency lighting needs.

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40% Off LED Emergency Downlight

40% OFF 1W Self Test LED Emergency Downlight

Emergency LED Downlight

40% Off Emergency LED Downlight!

Every now and again we like to make you an offer you can’t refuse and this month our gift to you is a saving of over £25 when you buy our 1W Self Test LED Emergency Downlight – at just £42 +VAT that’s a discount of over 40%!

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Introducing Our New Emergency Lighting Conversion Kits

Emergency Lighting Conversion Kits

Emergency Lighting Conversion Kits From Channel Safety Systems

Emergency Lighting Conversion Kits

The latest additions to our emergency lighting category are Laser-Pack low voltage conversion kits from Channel Safety Systems. The Laser-Pack and the Laser-Pack C2 (the ultra slim variation) emergency lighting conversion kits are designed to convert any tungsten Halogen fitting for emergency use.

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Introducing Our New 2D Emergency Lights Range

2D Emergency Lights

Five different 2D emergency lights are now available on our website.

The latest addition to our Emergency Lighting category is a range of 28W 2D Emergency Lights made by Channel Safety Systems. These are low-profile and semi-decorative emergency lights ideal for use in offices, schools, shops and a multitude of other locations.

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Emergency Lighting System Design Series Follow-Up

Our emergency lighting series consisted of 8 parts, each covering a different aspect of system design.

In November 2011 we began publishing our ‘Designing an Emergency Lighting System’ series of helpful articles with tips on how to effectively plan an emergency lighting system for your property.

A year on we are looking at what, if anything, has changed in this industry and if our blog posts still hold true.

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New LED Emergency Downlights Available

Glade LED emergency downlights

NEW Glade LED Emergency Downlights Now Available

LED emergency lighting is an ideal choice for organisations looking for a low-maintenance, cost-effective emergency lighting source and our new LED emergency downlights are no exception.

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Energy Efficient Emergency Lighting

LED emergency lighting is very efficient and cost-effective.

Energy efficiency is a big deal. As the world is becoming ever more aware of the impact our energy use has on the planet more and more businesses are turning to energy-efficient light sources in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint.

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New Emergency Lighting Industry Article

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We’ve just added a new industry article to our website on emergency lighting. The article identifies key areas for you to consider when planning an emergency lighting system and also explains some aspects and terms you may not yet be familiar with.

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Emergency Lighting by Zeta Alarm Systems

emergency lighting

We stock a range of emergency lighting by Zeta Alarm Systems

Zeta Alarm System has a diverse range of products, from fire alarms to emergency lighting. In this blog we’ll focus on what they have to offer in the emergency lighting arena.

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Emergency Lighting System Testing

Designing An Emergency Lighting System: Part 8

Testing Your Emergency Lighting System

Testing Your Emergency Lighting System

As the last part of our Designing An Emergency Lighting System series we will discuss after-care for your system. The Fire Safety Order requires regular testing to be performed as part of maintaining the compliance of an emergency lighting system. As such, any emergency lighting system must contain facilities to test various functions of the system.

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