Carbon Monoxide Kills Teen Camper

Beware of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide when camping.

A family was left devastated this bank holiday weekend when a 14-year old girl died in a tent at a campsite in Shropshire.

Hannah Thomas-Jones was camping with her mother, step-father and brother at the Baron at Bucknell campsite in Shropshire. The family group was staying in one tent and they were joined by further members of their family in various other tents. On Sunday morning other campers in their party became concerned when there was no movement from the tent and upon investigation all four tent occupants were discovered to be unconscious.

Ambulance crews were urgently called to the scene where Hannah and her family were thought to be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Despite the paramedic’s efforts to restart Hannah’s heart through CPR they were sadly unsuccessful and she was pronounced dead at the scene. Her mother, step-father and brother were immediately taken to the nearest hospital for treatment.

Campsite owners, the Wrights, have stated that they saw a disposable BBQ in the tent’s porch. It is suspected that the BBQ was not fully extinguished and smouldered through the night emitting deadly CO gas as the family slept. Mr Wright said: “Nobody has done anything wrong, they have just not realised the dangers of disposable barbecues. You don’t realise that they are giving off fumes for hours and hours after you have used them.”.

Disposable BBQs are a popular choice for campers as they are easy to store and use but anyone using them should be aware of the CO danger they could also pose. Common sense when disposing of these BBQs is essential, douse the tray with water to help cool the fire embers and place the BBQ well away from your tent or seating area until it has completely cooled and can be safely disposed of.

A great idea is to take a carbon monoxide alarm with you on holiday, many CO detectors available are portable meaning they can be used in the home and then easily taken on holiday. For example, the Zeta Domestic Carbon Monoxide Alarm is available with a 7-year battery, it weighs only 125g, its small size means it can be easily carried in luggage and it has a very loud alarm of 85dB which is enough to wake sleeping adults and children.

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