Tariq El-Hoss

How To Disable Devices Via Panel or Software On Advanced MxPro Panels

In this video Laura Shaw from Advanced demonstrates how to disabled devices via the panel front end and software on the MxPro 5 and MxPro 4 range of addressable fire alarm panels.

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Guide to beam detection for fire alarm systems

What are reflective beam detectors?

Reflective beam detectors are devices that project an infa-red light which is then returned via a reflector plate, this provides a sensing path across the protected space. When enough smoke obscures this infra-red beam, the returning signal strength will be reduced and will result in a fire condition being generated.

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Industry interview with Ross Evans of Fike

In the third industry interview Ross Evans of Fike Safety Technology shares his thoughts about their recently launched CIE-A-200 single loop addressable panel.

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Industry interview with Stephen Beadle of Detector Testers

Special thanks to Stephen Beadle of Detector Testers who has kindly provided his insights into their range of detector testing equipment.

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Infinity ID2 Trained Installer online course

Comprehensive training on life safety systems is paramount. Delivering this training safely and effectively is however challenging given the obstacles posed by the current pandemic. It is therefore pleasing for us to announce our partner Zeta Alarms are launching a series of online training courses over the coming months.

The first of which is the Infinity ID2 Trained Installer course where users will gain a thorough understanding of the ID2 system. The two hour course is delivered completely online and runs through every aspect of the system. A live demonstration of the panel, menus and functionality is also included.

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Zerio Plus pre-programming service

As a specialist fire detection distributor we pride ourselves on offering value added services meaning we do more than simply shift boxes. In the case of the Zerio Plus wireless system our customers benefit from a complementary pre-programming service.

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In the future will all fire alarm systems be wireless?

Inspired by our recent interview with Mark Tansey of Electro Detectors, who shared his thoughts on their Zerio Plus system, this post explores the future possibility of every new fire alarm system being wireless.

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Industry interview with Mark Tansey of Zerio Plus

This is the first in a series of interviews we have conducted with various fire industry experts. Special thanks goes to Mark Tansey from Electro Detectors for his time and thoughts on their flagship Zerio Plus wireless system.

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Upgrading a conventional system to addressable

There are many scenarios where an existing conventional fire system may need to be upgraded to become addressable however the process of achieving this poses some challenges. Primarily the difference in cabling topology, given conventional systems are wired in individual radials for each zone whereas an addressable system is wired in a number of loops.

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Guide to the discontinued JSB Firedex BiWire fire alarm system

The Firedex was a biwire fire alarm system launched by JSB in the late 1990’s and is now part of the Eaton group. This system allowed detectors, manual call points and sounders to be fitted onto the same wire, meaning only a single cable would be required for each zone.

Unfortunately due to changes in the third party certifications required for fire detection equipment, the Firedex biwire system was discontinued in July 2013. Despite not meeting these requirements, any existing systems which are running normally are still compliant providing they are serviced & maintained in accordance with BS5839.

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