Dan Tudor

Radial or loop wiring supported by Infinity ID2

The Infinity ID2 is an intelligent 2-wire system and can be wired as either radials where you would have 1 cable per zone or you could wire all the zones onto a single loop.

In this #TechTip our head engineer Dan explains what wiring the ID2 panel expects by default and how to easily change this to suit your installation.

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Infinity ID2 vs Other 2-Wire Fire Alarm Systems

The Infinity ID2 is an addressable 2 wire fire alarm system. The panel comes in either 2, 4 or 8 zone versions and can be wired in either radials or in a single loop configuration. Each zone can have upto 15 devices.

The ID2 has seen great success since its launch, with thousands of systems installed to date. Unlike the majority of alternative 2-wire systems the ID2 distinguishes itself with many key features only available with the ID2.

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Fire Alarms in Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

We recently supplied and supported a complete fire detection system which was installed by our partners MJB Electrical in the exclusive West London nightclub Raffles. We have completed many similar project for various bars, pubs and nightclubs throughout the UK which has lead us to writing this article highlighting some of factors to consider and our preferred solution.

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